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What Makes Somebody Afrocentric? - Our Vision

I believe that everybody, no matter the background, has some aspect of themselves that is Afrocentric, as in, something that makes someone individually great, and that the issue that is prominently faced in people's lives today is that many don't see the greatness that they can produce.
 As a cultural movement, The Afrocentric Jukeboxx is meant to motivate those who have imagination, creativity, and inspiration within their God-given "afros" atop their heads to utilize and apply these values in interactive and productive ways in order to produce greatness for themselves and their environment, further diversifying the already wide expanse of the world's "jukebox" with the greatness one has.
 What makes somebody "Afrocentric" is the variety of creativity that they have and their pursuit to strengthen their skills, talents, and knowledge. This is done in order to produce great works for the purpose of not only the benefit of others but most impo…

Never Too Young To Be Great (PT.2) - about being Afrocentric

You are never too young to be great. Period. Done. This post is over...

 So why is it so hard to believe that you are???

 Because many of us teenagers, myself included, don't see it that way; so simple yet very difficult; so close yet so far; the mentality that goes into being "great".

 Many of us ask, "how can they be great?" or, "how can I make today great?" when so many issues and family matters and etc. stifle their success and cause insanity.

 Let me tell you, my friends.

 Just do you

 Just be yourself.

 Whatever problems that you may be facing you need to grab onto the Lord's grace and strive through them.

 You need to trust in God. And you need to trust in yourself.

 You have to ignore the things that people say about you and find yourself, that youmay know for yourself who you are.

 Don't worry about the nay-say of your friends or loved ones, not even your parents, when they poke fun at you working hard on your craft instead of goofin…

Never Too Young To Die; Never Too Young To Praise (PT.1)

I know that I am one of those people who thought that he was too young to do anything. Whether it be praising the Lord our Father or doing business related issues, I would accept the fact that being young makes you worthless, powerless, and automatically ignorant. But right now, I am here to tell you that you are never too young to do anything. Right here, right now, I am here to tell those who are 17 and under that you are never too young to do what you must when you must.

 I know for many young people like me out there it is considered "adult" to worship God and start shouting in church and praying over dinner and praising God on the daily, but that is not at all the case. In fact, Jesus states that "whoever does not receive the kingdom of God like a child will not enter it at all" (Mark 10:13-16). Wherefore, if the children do not receive the kingdom of God as children, what grand mistake is being committed! The best time to start learning about God is now when…

Faith in Yourself Comes from the Faith in God

I am not perfect. It is an idea that escapes every single one of us brothers and sisters because God is the only one who is perfect. So the idea of believing in yourself and having the utmost faith in yourself also escapes many of us and seems almost impossible.

Something that I have recently discovered, however, might help with this constant struggle to believe in yourself that you can do it; that you can achieve greatness if you work hard; that you can become an Afrocentric Jukeboxx. Although, the answer to achieving faith in yourself is to first have the utmost faith in God. See, Proverbs 3:5-6 even tells you to "Trust in the Lord with all of your heart and lean not unto your own understanding; in all your ways submit to him, and he will make your paths straight." Hence, if you are struggling with something and believe that you are unfit, or if you are telling yourself that you cannot do it, the first thing that should come to your mind is this Proverb telling you to trus…

Bummy Getaway- The Story Behind the Album

Once upon a time, there was a man who got away with everything. He was a sneaky man who could fantasize all he wanted and obtain whatever he dreamed, without consequence. Every day, his actions presented guilt and trouble, but he would not show any repentance; instead, he would have a grand and awesome adventure about his crimes. Justice seemed to chase him and fail, and abuse to follow like a shadow. Until one day, his abuse persuaded him to pursue a long cruise down Lost Sanity Drive and he crashed into a tree during the end of his venture. He had abused his will too much, and reality had kicked back into him. Because of that, the man became sluggish and weary and more aware of his history, and because of that he fell blind to the fantasies of his getaways; he fell blind to the happiness and joy he once thought was real. The next time he was seen, the man was said to have committed the same frauds as he had done before...

 Actions do have tremendous consequences, and the Lord does s…

D.I.S. - Distortio-Inceptic Spirits - The Story Behind the Album

Once upon a time, there was a man who fell in love with a beautiful woman. Every day, this man would rejoice and celebrate this match made in heaven, this ceremonious matrimony. One day, however, the man finds himself at conflict with his own integrity for the woman commands the man to accomplish feats and fulfill promises he cannot keep, and his happiness seems almost too good to be true; not to mention that these tasks disregarded his own belief in God! Because of this, the man begins to regret tossing out his own dignity and integrity for a woman who won't respect that aspect of him, the part of him that makes him, him. Yes indeed, he'd go as far as to say that the death of these characteristics of his was a martyr, for he used to be such a nice and caring man of God before meeting this woman. The feeling of regret confines the man until finally the man soon splits up with the woman, yet by doing so he realizes that, in the relationship, he was made to feel useless withou…